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Our escape rooms – real-time adventure games – are currently one of Cyprus’ main tourist attractions, alongside the ruins.

Trust your instincts, use logic and make the most of your team to figure out the puzzles. Escape games require good teamwork, concentration and deduction skills to leave the room in time!


Beat Mr. Ouzo at the biggest domino game ever in the city.

Mr. Ouzo, his wife, Mrs. Zivania and their daughter, Miss Commandaria run the best tavern in the city. Mr. Ouzo is also the most respected Domino player and has not lost a game for decades.

To celebrate his birthday, Mr. Ouzo organizes the biggest DOMINO game ever in the city and whoever wins against him, wins the prize. But nobody knows what the prize is!

Your job is to try to keep Mrs. Zivania and Miss Commandaria busy (thus not being able to help their father at the game) and beat Mr. Ouzo at his own game to win the prize everybody is speaking about!


Your once in a lifetime chance to be a demigod for one hour.

Father of Gods and men, Zeus, was regarded as wise, fair, just, merciful, and prudent. He was also unpredictable – nobody was able to guess the decisions he would make. One day, and after a few too many misconducts, Zeus decides to punish Aphrodite for all the help she gave to the humanity. He thought about how and where he could surprise Aphrodite better and his last choice by putting you, his demigods, to stun her while she’s having her massage therapy.

You and your team need to go in Aphrodite’s Sanctuary, take her therapist’s place and stun her while she’s vulnerable waiting for her massage. Do not worry, Zeus is everywhere to guide you throughout your mission, so listen carefully to his whispers. 


2 Players: EUR 20 / Player

3 – 5 Players: EUR 15 / Player

The Rooms

Suited for: 5 people

Time: 60 minutes

Difficulty level: 8-10



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